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Starting a project for Azure Static Web Apps

A quick perusal of this blog shows how much I love Azure Static Web Apps, a wonderful service for hosting full-stack web applications. Static Web Apps uses Azure Functions for server-side code, and provides wonderful functionality including authentication. When it comes time to start doing local development, the initial setup can require a couple of steps as there’s a fair bit being provided to you by the service. I want to explore how to setup a project for Azure Static Web Apps. Continue reading

Deploying SvelteKit apps to Azure Static Web Apps

Note: SvelteKit is currently in early development. As such, things may be different than the post below. This post was lasted updated on 18 May 21. SvelteKit is a framework built on top of Svelte, my current favorite front-end framework. Svelte is based around svelte files which closely resemble standard HTML/JavaScript files, making it feel rather natural. SvelteKit is designed to enhance the Svelte development experience by providing bootstrapping, a build/dev toolkit, a routing engine, and server-side rendered pages. Continue reading