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Being sober does not mean drinking soda

2021-06-11 Dry life geektrainer
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had this conversation: Me: I’m a dry person. What do you have for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol? Server: Well, we have Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite… Me: I said I don’t drink alcohol; I didn’t say I was 12. OK, I don’t actually say that last part out loud. But I sure do think it. This is a common challenge with restaurants of all shapes and sizes, star levels and prestige. Continue reading

Configuring authentication in Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps is a fantastic Azure hosting service designed for full-stack (sometimes called static) applications. Among the various features offered is built-in authentication for Azure Active Directory (AAD), GitHub and Twitter. No additional actions or configurations are required to use these providers; they’re available out of the box! To support this, three routes are added to every static web app - /.auth/login/aad, /.auth/login/github and /.auth/login/twitter for AAD, GitHub and Twitter respectively. Continue reading

Deploying SvelteKit apps to Azure Static Web Apps

Note: SvelteKit is currently in early development. As such, things may be different than the post below. This post was lasted updated on 18 May 21. SvelteKit is a framework built on top of Svelte, my current favorite front-end framework. Svelte is based around svelte files which closely resemble standard HTML/JavaScript files, making it feel rather natural. SvelteKit is designed to enhance the Svelte development experience by providing bootstrapping, a build/dev toolkit, a routing engine, and server-side rendered pages. Continue reading

Bullet Journaling - what worked for me

By now you’ve probably heard of a bullet journal (bujo), as it appears to be all over the place. But if you haven’t, let me sum it up for you. At its core a bullet journal is a system for managing tasks, making quick notes about life, and otherwise trying to put some order into the chaos that is life. When I first discovered the concept of bullet journals I was all in. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps is probably my favorite product Microsoft has released since Visual Studio Code. It’s built for “static web apps” (ones where you rely quite heavily on client-side code, such as blogs, single page apps, or other “modern” web apps), and offers integration with GitHub and the workflows you’re already using. But, as everyone knows, when deploying your application things may not go exactly as planned despite our best efforts. Continue reading
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