Musings of a trainer of geeks.

New tools won't change old culture

2022-11-23 DevOps geektrainer
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but buying a new treadmill won’t make you a runner. It’s a mistake we’ve all made at some point. We’ve all decided, “This is the year! I’m going to spend lots of money on new equipment, on gear, on clothes, on cool shoes, and I’m going to <fill in the blank here>”. And we’ve all been rather disappointed when said shiny items find themselves collecting dust, and the treadmill/rower/elliptical are expensive clothing racks. Continue reading

Streamlining pull request reviews with suggestions

2022-08-29 DevOps geektrainer
We’ve all been there. We’re reviewing someone’s code in a pull request (PR) and we spot a small mistake. A typo. The wrong option was set. A boolean flag was reversed. Something simple. What’s the best way to suggest a fix? One way is to create new branch and PR into the one you’re reviewing. Seems like a bit too much work, and maybe a little too formal. For a repository where you have permissions, you could simply push the updates. Continue reading